Sylvia Howard

Sylvia Howard has been associated with the festival for many years and her passion and dedication has helped to make our Music and Choir Festivals the success they are today. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and Sylvia has decided that it is now time for her to take a step back. Sylvia and Pippa Kirk have worked closely together as joint Music and Choir Co-ordinators in the recent past. Pippa, who has a wealth of experience in all things musical, will now be our lead co-ordinator for music and choirs. Everyone involved with the festival, past and present, would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to Sylvia for everything she has done for the festival and we wish her well for the future.  

Our Festival was founded 1901 and each year offers a platform for hundreds of amateur musicians, actors and dancers in and around the Lancashire area to perform in front of an audience and benefit from expert critical advice. One of the goals of regular practice on an instrument is so that you can perform in front of others. The more frequently you can get up and play for an audience the more confident and accomplished you will become. We are proud to create an opportunity for performers of all ages to play and sing in an atmosphere of appreciation and enjoyment.

For further information regarding our music section contact Pippa at [email protected]