Festival of Choirs

Some years ago we had the idea of starting a Choir Night on the Saturday evening of LPA Music Festival. It was decided that it should be non-competitive and open to all choirs no matter what their size, style or ability. An adjudicator made helpful and encouraging comments after each choir had sung but only if each choir wished them to do so. Over the years the event has grown and changed in small ways but it is still essentially run to the same format.

An interesting observation is how year by year each choir has grown and evolved, in some cases exploring more adventurous repertoire or trying a new idea, sometimes as a direct influence from hearing another choir with a different style.

The important thing is that everybody thoroughly enjoys the event and at the interval, when cold drinks and biscuits are provided, the room is buzzing with chatter, camaraderie and enthusiasm for making music together.

The festival organising team warmly welcome your feedback on any of the recent events and would love to hear any ideas you may have on the direction that we should go in the future, post Covid-19.

We look forward to announcing the 2024 adjudicator for the Festival of Choirs.