Festival General Rules

  1. All entry forms, together with the proper fees, must be received by the Co-ordinator for that discipline. Fees are not refundable.
  2. The age stated in the syllabus for dance is that of the competitor on the first day of the Festival and (b) for other disciplines that of the competitor at the time of competing. Proof of age may be required by the Organising Team. For classes with more than one competitor, the age group is determined by the age of the oldest competitor.
  3. The Organising Team reserves the right to withdraw any class or classes and/or withhold prizes or certificates in a class in which it considers there are insufficient entries for competition, or combine the class with other classes. It also reserves the right to refuse an entry without giving a reason for refusal.
  4. The Organising Team will decide the order of the classes and ballot for the order of competing. The Organising Team reserves the right to alter the order if necessary. Applicants will be advised of the time and day they have been appointed to perform and must arrive on time.
  5. Competitors and their teachers are admitted to the Festival free of charge for the session that includes the class in which they are competing. All other persons must pay the advertised admission fee.
  6. The Organising Team reserves the right to appoint additional or alternative adjudicators in any class and to transfer classes from one day to another.
  7. A copy of the Adjudicator’s remarks is free. The Adjudicator’s decision is final.
  8. During the Festival, complaints and protests must be made in writing to the Festival Secretary. Thereafter the decision of the Organising Team on all questions or disputes arising out of, or not provided by, the Rules will be final.
  9. The competitions are intended for amateurs, not professionals. Professionals are those whose principal means of livelihood are derived from the particular branch of the Festival in which they wish to compete.
  10. Neither the Festival Trustees nor any of the Organising Team holds itself responsible for any loss or damage which may occur to competitors’ copies, remark sheets or any other property at the Festival. Any lost items should be claimed within one month.
  11. Neither the Festival Trustees nor any of the Organising Team holds itself responsible for any injury sustained by any competitor or member of the public whilst on Festival premises.
  12. The Organising Team may refuse entry to any person found trespassing on or damaging premises or property.
  13. Parents, guardians, teachers and carers will be held fully responsible for the behaviour of children in their care.
  14. No video or tape recording will be allowed, as it is an offence and in breach of copyright law. Mobile phones must be switched off in rooms where performances are taking place. No photography of any kind will be permitted.
  15. The Organising Team shall have the Power to deal with all matters connected with the conduct of the Festival not provided for in the Rules.
  16. Failure to comply with the Festival Rules will lead to the cancellation of the entry concerned.
  17. To meet Child Protection regulations, parents and guardians are required to ensure their child(ren) aged 16 or under, while travelling to, at or taking part in the Festival, is under their care or under the care of a responsible adult. In addition, on the day, they must confirm their child is fit and well to perform.