Dance Rules

  1. General: All the Festival’s General Rules apply to Dance classes. Additional rules for Dance are set out below.
  2. Music: The Festival has a music system for CDs and tape cassettes for the use of competitors. No vocals are allowed on recording on Ballet and Song sections of Song & Dance. Competitors are responsible for playing their own music.
  3. Copyright: The Festival cannot be held responsible and does not accept any liability for any breaches of the copyright law and it should be noted that copyright regulations protect music works for 70 years after the death of the composer.
  4. Entries: Competitors may enter only once in any Solo Class. Competitors may enter more than once in Duets, Trios and Group classes, provided they are with different partners.
  5. Re-dances: No re-dances are allowed except for “Infants” other than at the Organising Team’s discretion.
  6. Pointe-work: No pointe-work is allowed for Infant, A, B & C age groups.
  7. Awards, cups and medals: Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions. Cups which must be returned before the next year’s Festival will be awarded to the highest scorer within each age group.
  8. School points: These will be awarded as follows: 1st place 4 pts; 2nd place 3 pts; 3rd place 2 pts; 4th place 1 pt. The school cup will be awarded for the highest total points score of all candidates entered over all Festival dance classes.
  9. To meet Child Protection regulations, parents and guardians are required to ensure their child(ren) aged 16 or under, while travelling to, at or taking part in the Festival, is under their care or under the care of a responsible adult. In addition, on the day, they must confirm their child is fit and well to perform.
  10. Fees: Entry fees – all per entrant – will be (a) £4.50 for Solo (b) £3 for Duet (c) £2.50 for Trio and (d) £1.50 for Group dances.
  11. All Dance entry forms, together with the proper fees, must be received by the Dance Co-ordinator, Elaine Morrison by – date to be announced.  Fees are not refundable.