Through our Dance Festival we hope to advance the education of the public in the performance, appreciation and the practice of the Art of Dance. We strongly believe in the power of dance to change the world, integrate different cultures and promote solidarity. We very much hope that dance based events, like ours, will help promote talent and creativity as well as building a better future for young people.

The Lytham Performing Arts Festival Dance Festival aims to raise the national standard of amateur performance in theatre dance. We want to provide a forum for Dance Education and the professional Theatre. To increase popular interest and appreciation of Theatre Dance as an enjoyable, sometimes a moving experience and often an entertaining art form.

We intend to be a means to further public recognition of dance as an important factor in human social development and to be a springboard by which good dancers may become more widely known and by which some may start their careers as professional artistes.

Dance Entry Fees for 2021.

Per entrant – £4.50 for Solo, £3 for Duet, £2.50 for Trio, £1.50 for Group Dances.